Conferences with AM START: Experience new
dimensions of collaboration

At AM START, we recognize the enormous potential of every conference: it’s your chance to create connections, share knowledge and discover innovations.

Ideas as enablers

Our conferences are more than events – they are dynamic forums that unleash the positive energy to make something new happen. We create memorable experiences that actively engage your guests.

Designing inspiring spaces

We create environments that are not only visually appealing, but mentally stimulating. Every exchange should become an impulse for the future for your guests.

Event formats for every requirement

Whether live, hybrid or virtual – we take every conference, from the annual kick-off meeting to international congresses, to a new level. Our conferences are the starting point for long-term relationships that go beyond the event itself.

Using technology

We use the latest technology to overcome barriers so that your guests can participate no matter where they are. Social media marketing, event apps and guest management solutions ensure a first-class event experience.

Whether in Berlin, Munich or beyond, our conferences define new standards in communication and collaboration.

Climb into the cockpit of the future with us and discover new ways of communication and collaboration for your brand.