Fascinating product and brand worlds

Pop-ups and showrooms from AM START are not just rooms – they are carefully staged scenographies that bring your brand to life in immersive 360-degree experiences.

Immersive scenography

Our approach is to transform every pop-up store and showroom into an interactive work of art that reflects your brand world. With a firm focus on your core messages and brand feeling, we create fascinating experiences that perfectly complement your PR or product strategy.

Holistic storytelling

At AM START, pop-ups and showrooms are more than just locations – they are worlds in their own right that reflect every aspect of your brand. Through the interplay of visual elements, interactive touchpoints and a well thought-out dramaturgy, your target audience experiences your product with all their senses and becomes part of your brand story.

Lasting impression

Our vibrant brand spaces don’t just create temporary impressions, they create an emotional relationship between the target audience and your product. Visitors become loyal ambassadors for your brand, creating reach in their communities.

AM START is all about translating your visions into a tangible reality that sticks in the minds and hearts of visitors.

We accompany you on your journey into your temporary brand space – from the idea to the opening and the grand finale!