Your message is our headliner!

We develop events for your press work that not only inform, but also inspire. As an experienced PR event agency, we understand how to transform brand messages into captivating stories.

Holistic concepts

With creative storytelling tailored to your PR goals, we generate the media response you want. From product launches to press conferences – we use dramaturgical flair to turn your message into a talking point.

Media-effective staging

Our PR events are designed to achieve maximum media coverage. We use our expertise and networks to ensure that your PR project stands out from the crowd and resonates on social media, in the trade press and in communities.

Integrated communication strategies

Every PR event is part of your communication campaign. We develop multimedia content strategies to seamlessly link digital and traditional touch points. This ensures you reach your target group via their preferred channels.

With AM START as your ally, PR events are more than just dates in the calendar – they are strategic milestones that drive your brand forward.

Let’s create a stage together where your brand plays the leading role.