We put your product into the perfect orbit.

We send your product on a journey that is as exciting as it is effective.

Our roadshows are carefully curated events that take your message straight to the heart of your target group – across cities and borders.
We believe that roadshows are far more than temporary stops.
They are milestones on the way to long-term customer relationships.

Tailor-made routes

Every roadshow is precisely planned by us to present your brand in the right places. We navigate the market to ensure your product gets the attention it deserves.

Interactive experiences

We transform every stop on your roadshow into an interactive experience that not only reaches your audience, but engages and retains them.

Local roots, global vision

With a deep understanding of local conditions and a clear global vision, we ensure that your roadshow shines in every city.

Logistical precision

Behind the scenes, our experienced team ensures that everything runs smoothly. From planning to implementation – we hold the strings firmly in our hands.

Whether in Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Leipzig or beyond – AM START will turn your roadshow into a success story.

Let’s take off together and fully exploit the potential of your brand.